We provide two key products to the jewellery industry:

1. Risk horizon management

We capture public and private source information to a management system measuring non-financial risk in an objective and structured process. This allows initial risk to be measured against current mitigation activity to provide residual risk rather than only relying on a basic risk impact/occurrence system. We provide analysis and recommendations regarding any change in the status of any risks being monitored.

We capture and analyse risks with regard to all forms of jewellery and its possible components along the whole supply chain, including precious metals, diamonds, coloured stones pearls and other jewellery objects.

We include emerging risks and trends affecting other industries, particularly those that compete most directly with the jewellery industry for consumers’ share of wallet, e.g. carbon footprint monitoring and reduction, that may subsequently become issues for the jewellery industry.

We develop and implement communications plans with regard to any identified non-financial risks (including crisis response plans).

2. Supply chain management systems

We pressure test current supply chain management systems, in particular examining whether their objectives are being delivered. We advise on the further development of these systems to improve their efficiency, cost effectiveness, scope and coverage.

We ensure that internal policies are backed by fully embedded practices and procedures and that these are accepted and implemented both at board and operational levels.

We advise on the selection processes for suppliers, both prior to appointment and on an ongoing basis and ensure that systems with objective and impartial criteria are in place for such selection. We develop, implement and embed management systems to ensure that suppliers are meeting all required performance levels with regard to non-financial risks.

We embed systems to ensure that all internal systems and supplier activities are corroborated by third-party monitoring in as an efficient and cost-effective manner required to adequately manage and/or mitigate the non-financial risks posed by the supply chain.
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