Sustainable & Responsible Solutions Ltd (SRS) is a unique outsourcing resource and consultancy in the jewellery and luxury goods industry that provides strategic advice, short- and long-term management solutions, communications systems and education on corporate responsibility, sustainability, non-financial risks and supply chain issues.

We set out to provide the full range of sustainability and corporate responsibility solutions on an outsourced basis to enable businesses to have the same level of expertise and resources that most global brands and multi-nationals have access to.

We also provide synopses of current and emerging issues affecting entire supply chains.

We particularly believe in providing an individual and tailored service matching the needs of each particular client.

We identify non-financial risks for a business, both internally and throughout its supply chain, and then put measures into place to mitigate and manage those risks. We cover the full range of sustainability and responsibility issues, including, but not limited to;

• corporate governance;
• emergency planning;
• anti-money laundering solutions;
• supplier and/or client selection processes;
• product integrity and safety;
• child and forced labour;
• health and safety;
• employment terms and conditions;
• environmental protection; and
• use of natural resources.

We cover both qualitative and quantitative risks, including geopolitical and product risks, types and volumes of business and the nature of business relationships and determine the size of the risks, both directly for the business, but also in comparison to industry norms and provide strategic planning for emerging and potential risks.

We advise on how to improve a business’s own internal risk rating and how to improve its external risk ratings, given that increasingly banks and other financial institutions are now incorporating non-financial risk measurement into their decision making processes.

We also provide full communication and education support for all sustainability and responsibility issues both for the business itself and also for its suppliers and clients.
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