Jewellery is all about emotion. Whether it is bought for someone else to show them that they are loved or as a self-purchase, at the heart of it all is love.

The idea that somewhere along the supply chain something bad has occurred that does not coexist with the emotions of love is a concept that concerns people and causes them to stop and think whether they want to go ahead with that particular purchase, or whether something else may be more appropriate.

We at SRS believe that purchasing jewellery is about showing how much you care and love someone! Consumers should be confident that what they are purchasing can always represent these emotions and feelings. We therefore provide advice to consumers as to how to interpret the various claims and allegations about and within the jewellery industry. We advise on what are sustainable and responsible gemstones, precious metals and jewellery and we provide guidance on how and where to source these.

We also assist with the actual sourcing of sustainable and responsible jewellery products, acting as the consumers’ agents, ensuring as far as possible that all products are compliant with all relevant legislation and regulations, such as the Kimberley Process, health and safety standards or anti-money laundering regulations.

In addition, we advise or assist consumers to identify or select jewellery designers and jewellery manufacturers to produce bespoke pieces of unique hand-crafted jewellery, suitable to match any special occasion.
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